MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. This includes moms from their time of pregnancy until their child graduates from Kindergarten. Join us this year for our theme "To The Full."
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it TO THE FULL. John 10:10

  • registration and costs

    Your first visit to MOPS is free. 

    Click here to download the registration form.

    Click here to register online.

    MOPS annual registration fee is $42  (Sept through May).

    MOPS Kids is provided at no additional cost as a gift from your TCC family

    Questions? Need information about scholarships? contact: Valerie *MOPS* Coordinator @ 448-3209 or 273-6425 ext 704

  • meeting dates

    Each month we meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings...

    or the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings

    mornings 2019                 evenings 2019

    Sept. 10 & 24                     Sept. 12 & 26

    Oct. 8 & 22                         Oct.10 & 24

    Nov. 12 & 26                      Nov. 14 & 28

    Dec. 10                               Dec. 12

    mornings 2020                  evenings 2020

    Jan. 14 & 28                       Jan. 16 & 30

    Feb. 11 & 25                       Feb. 13 & 27

    Mar. 10 & 24                       Mar. 12 & 26

    Apr. 14 & 28                        Apr. 16 & 30

    May 12                                 May 14

  • Directions

    We meet at Twin Cities Church
    11726 Rough and Ready Highway
    Grass Valley, CA   95945


    From Grass Valley and beyond:

    We are located approximately two miles outside downtown Grass Valley.  Go west on East Main Street  for approx. two miles.  After merging onto the old Rough and Ready Hwy, we are located on the right-hand (north) side of the road.

    From Penn Valley and beyond:

    We are located approximately five miles east of Penn Valley on the old Rough and Ready Hwy on the left-hand (north) side of the road.

    For a map of our area, please visit Google Maps

  • this year's theme

    Our theme for the 2019-2020 MOPS year is "To The Full"

    Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?*

    Sometimes we need the reminder that life is meant to be lived to the full. That it is OK to enjoy ourselves, to let our hair down, to worry less, and to really suck the marrow out of life (who even says that? I guess we do now). Because as far as we can tell, this is exactly how God intended for us to live – fully and abundantly.

    It’s easy to forget what that feels like, though. One day we’re wide-eyed and the possibilities are endless, and then slowly, without even realizing it, we find ourselves dulled by the routines and disappointments that are a part of being human. We slowly start to lose our optimism and zest for life.

    All that is about to change, because this next year is about the full life. Which means living grateful, joyful and hopeful. It means being led by the Good Shepherd and trusting that everything is working out exactly as it should.

    We’ll say farewell to autopilot and regain our vitality. We’ll have more fun, get to know new people, fear less about what could go wrong or what others think. We will enjoy our kids like never before, and someday, when they wonder what life to the full looks like, they will look no farther than how mom does it.

    But here’s one important thing to remember: this idea of life to the full isn’t about striving for more. It’s not about striving at all. It is about recognizing that life isn’t a bunch of goals to achieve, or people to please; but an invitation to savor, delight and enjoy your life just a little more. If you have ever felt like you aren’t enough, if you have forgotten to have fun or feel like you have lost your spark, then this is the fresh start you have been waiting for.


    To learn more about MOPS or begin the registration process, click here to download the registration form.

  • childcare for mops

    Child Care for MOPS is called MOPS Kids. Your children will love our creative and loving program.  We offer quality infant and toddler care nurturing them and providing fun opportunities for socialization.  For our older MOPS Kids, we offer a play-based preschool program with curriculum teaching them developmentally appropriate life skills helping them grow in both understanding of the wonder-filled world around them and their valuable role in it.

    MOPS Kids cost for 2018-2019: Twin Cities Church values young families, and we are sharing our resources to provide the MOPS Kids program at no additional cost.

  • MOPS national website

    Click here for MOPS national website